Patience Puppies – Snuggles, Eating and First Bath

Snuggle Time

The puppies were becoming social! The first video below is the puppies all being social and climbing in my lap. I was in Puppy Heaven!! Next, our granddaughter is awesome with the puppies and spending time with her helps them get used to be around kids. And finally, Pumba coming over to say HI!

Time to Eat

We started feeding the puppies puppy gruel when they were about 5 1/2 weeks old. We found out later puppies can start eating gruel even younger, around 4 weeks. The gruel was dried puppy food, soaked in warm water, mixed with colostrum and blended in my Nutribullet. When I bought a Nutribullet I never imagined I would be using it to make puppy gruel!

The puppies weren’t to sure about the gruel and preferred to nurse off Mama but Mama Patience was tired of feeding 8 puppies!

Starting to Eat Puppy Food

Patience was such a good Mama. She went in to the puppies pen to show them how to eat dried puppy food. But, like I said, they wanted to nurse off Mama. As they got to be about 6 weeks she got pretty frustrated with them and would run away or put her mouth around their head and hold them down to make them stop.

Time to Get Weighed and Take Meds

We dipped our finger in honey, the meds and rubbed this on the puppies gums. Much easier than trying to get the puppies to take the meds! We weighed the puppies every couple days to make sure everyone was eating enough and gaining weight. They were all growing so fast!

First Bath

We were a little worried mama would not like the way the puppies smelled after getting a bath but she didn’t even seem to notice.

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