Shyanne’s Puppies Are Born!

We got Shy from Kentucky on Sunday, May 5th. She looked very pregnant and we were worried she would have her puppies during transport. But she didn’t have her puppies until Thursday, May 16th! Rob and I were worried something was wrong but it just wasn’t her time yet.

When the day finally came, Shyanne was panting a lot and hanging out in her whelping pen all day. She started nesting to get ready for her puppies!

Finally her first puppy was born at 6:42 PM. A healthy little girl!! She weighed 12.4 Ounces. A good sized pup.

Puppy two was born almost 4 hours later! A healthy little boy that weighed 13.2 ounces.

Puppy three, an 11.8 ounce little boy, was born almost exactly one hour later.

Number four was another boy born about 45 minutes later. He is the biggest pup at 14.6 ounces.

A little girl, puppy five, was born half an hour later. She weighed 12.4 ounces.

We thought Shyanne was done having puppies. She wasn’t panting and fell asleep nursing her five puppies. It was 1 AM, so we were all dozing off and on. Then Rob heard Shyanne licking and licking. He went to see what was going on and couldn’t figure out why she was so obsessed licking one of the puppies. Then he realized she had another puppy!

Puppy six is a little girl who was born almost 3 hours later and weighed 14.3 ounces.

Finally puppy seven, a little boy, the smallest at 9.9 ounces, was born another three hours later!

Mama was exhausted but she did an awesome job!! All puppies are healthy.

It was a long night for everyone. Especially Shyanne! She was such a good mama and took care of each puppy as it was born. We can tell she is going to be a great mama dog.

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