Charlie and Dexter

The first picture below is Charlie and Dexter on their way to our house. In the video, Dexter is trying figure out how to use the dog bed. ๐Ÿคฃ They were such cute puppies. We think they are a Hound/Beagle mix. They are goofy and clutzy and had the cutest faces!

The Scary Dancing Christmas Cow!

My brother’s family gave me this silly Christmas cow! My family knows I like cows so I get all kinds of cute cow gits. Dexter and Charlie were not sure what to think about this crazy dancing cow! Dexter finally got up the courage to approach the cow and decided he needed to be taken down!

Snuggle Time

When we first got them, they did not like to snuggle, but they warmed up to us more and more. By the time they left, they loved to snuggle!

Outdoor Play

Their first night with us they got dinner, bathed and dried off and then got some play time on the deck. The next day it was chilly so we broke out the jackets for them to head out to play.

Sleeping Puppies

Like all puppies these guys were so cute when sleeping and slept in what looked like the most uncomfortable positions! Dexter managed to sneak in some snuggle time with grumpy old “Aunt Lily”.

Charlie Gets Sick

Charlie got really sick from a virus he picked before he came to us. Thankfully we knew how to care for him from what we learned while taking care of Colton. For two days I gave him fluids every hour, even throughout the night. He would not drink so I had to squirt it in his mouth. We also fed him EmerAid, a dietary supplement for sick dogs. We had to syringed it in to his mouth every 4 hours. He was not happy about it but would reluctantly swallow it. After two days he was back to his old self! Thank God. It is worst feeling to see a puppy so sick they just lay there and not eat or drink. It is the most amazing feeling when they get up and start walking around and eating and drinking! Unfortunately, three of their siblings didnโ€™t make it.

Ready for Adoption

Charlie and Dexter were both direct adopted through Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups. When we direct adopt we set up meet and greets with their new families and so we get to know they are going to good homes!

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