Welcome to the Gura Life Blog!

Hello! Thanks for visiting the Gura Life Blog!! Our motto is: “Life is too short for dull moments”. We have so many things we love to do and write about, so we created this site to share with others and look at to remember all the good memories.

Gura Global Grub

Writing about our adventures started when we decided to cook international meals during Covid. A friend told us how her and a couple friends would cook international meals and we decided since we could not travel we would cook! We found Sasha Martin’s Global Table Adventures site and decided to cook meals from around the world. We love cooking the global meals, learning about the countries and trying new ingredients. I started posting about the meals on Facebook and realized I really enjoyed researching about the countries and writing up a synopsis. I have learned so much about the world through our cooking, reading, and watching YouTube channels such as Geography Now!

I decided I wanted to blog about all our meals and then realized I needed to ensure I had rights to use all the pictures I was posting. That turned out to be more challenging, and time consuming, than I expected. I ended up getting the lowest Shutterstock membership and using a lot of pictures from Wikimedia. I am catching up on posting past meals but it is taking time to switch out the pictures and provide more detail. So, even though we are going alphabetically, you will see meals from earlier in the alphabet mixed in.

Foster Puppies

While out to dinner with our friends Karen and Russ, Karen told us how she was fostering puppies. I said I love puppies! I want to foster puppies! I had no idea what I was getting us in to. I absolutely love it! There are hard times and sad times but it is the way to give back that I had been looking for.

We started fostering in November of 2022 and fostered sets of puppies back to back. A couple of times we had two sets of fosters at once! After a year of this we decided we needed to slow down a bit and take some breaks in between sets of puppies. Again this is a huge learning experience. We’ve learned how to care for very sick puppies, help puppies with food aggression, what to do for mange, whelp puppies, feed three week old puppies, and the heart break of losing a puppy.

We’ve also learned how cruel humans can be to harmless animals that just want their love. It is truly heartbreaking. It has really changed how I feel about humankind. But, we’ve also found there are so many truly good people who will do anything to help these animals. It is so sad there has to be this type of intervention but I am so incredibly thankful for all the people who give up so much of their time and struggle with the deep sadness they feel when they see first hand the cruelty and neglect.

Our Travels

We love to travel and experience the world. We don’t have all our travels blogged but we are working on it. We like to write about them to help us remember and it is fun to share. We try to pack in as much as possible into our trips because there are so many places we’d like to visit, we doubt we’ll get back to many places. And, some of us need more help remembering than others! 🙂


Rob and I both enjoy Halloween. Rob worked in a haunted house and I had started doing annual Halloween parties before we met. We now host an annual costume party. We don’t get in to the gory Halloween decorations – it’s just a fun costume party. Over the years our decorations have become more advanced, with projectors and green-screen effects for the photo gallery!