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Halloween 2023

Picasso and his painting, inspired by our recent trip to Barcelona and Paris.

Dani and Jackson also drove down for the weekend to join in the fun!

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Halloween 2022

We were a more family-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity this year!

I think people were eager to get life back to normal by now and we had a much better turn out this year.

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Halloween 2021

A ghostly couple!
A smaller turn-out this year due to concerns of Covid-19 still, but we had several areas setup outside on the decks and the lawn to keep people far enough apart, yet able to enjoy each other’s company!

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Halloween 2019

Invasion of the Garden Gnomes! A fun costume with the greenscreen.

Mona and Ellie were both fairies this year – they definitely planned this one! They had fun showing off their wings!

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Halloween 2018

After our Star Trek cruise earlier this year, we had to wear Star Trek costumes for the party!

This was the second year in a row that Mona and Eleanor had matching costumes (I think they planned this!)

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Halloween 2017

Our friends Jim & Linda borrowed our dog, Lily to round out their costumes as Doc Martin and Morwenna.

Sharknado was our theme, including floating sharks and barbies in the hot tub!

Our granddaughter Eleanor and our coworker Mona both dressed as black cats – they had a blast posing together!

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Halloween 2016

And a happy tree lives over here with a squirrel. No mistakes, only happy little accidents. Bob Ross and his painting come to life πŸ™‚

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Halloween 2015

Medieval themed costumes for the family this year. This was also the first year using a green-screen for the photos – much fun and creativity was had!
For Darren & Denise’s party, we wore matching skeleton costumes with hoods, so it took people a bit to figure out who we were πŸ™‚

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Halloween 2014

Argh maties! A great party, but somehow I managed to misplace most of the pictures!
We also enjoyed Darren & Denise’s and Theresa’s parties!