Patience and Her Puppies – Outdoor Play

First Time Outside

When Patience’s puppies were 5 1/2 weeks old we decided it was time to let them see the big outdoors! Mama was not so sure about her puppies being out. They had a great time and seemed to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Tunnel and Pool Time

We were all excited about getting the kiddie pool so the puppies could play in the water. They were not interested in playing in the water but really enjoyed the huge water dish! 🤣

Mama Wants to Play But NO Nursing!

As the puppies got older mama tried to play with them more but the puppies wanted to nurse. Patience didn’t want to nurse anymore because the puppies had sharp teeth and it hurt! We were also trying to ween them so we didn’t want them to nurse. In the first video Patience is laying on her stomach so the puppies could not get to her teats. When they were really persistent she would hold their heads down with her mouth until they squealed. We had to intervene sometimes because she would be a little too rough. We finally had to separate them most of the time. I was worried that it was going to be really hard to take the puppies away from their mama but she seemed so annoyed with them trying to nurse that she didn’t care.

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