Alfie and Arlo

When we fostered Alfie and Arlo they were about 4 months old. We also had Cookie and Tootsie that we were holding on to because Friendship APL was full. They were supposed to go to the APL on Sunday but we had them until Wednesday. Cookie and Tootsie were both girls and Alfie and Arlo boys so a lot times we just referred to them as “The Girls” and “The Boys”. When we got them, Alfie and Arlo had just gotten over Coccidia so we kept the two sets of puppies separate.

Alfie and Arlo soon warmed up to everyone and become very friendly. Alfie like to lay with our dog “Aunt Lily”. Not sure she enjoyed it as much as he did! She is an old lady but is good about tolerating all the puppies. Alfie introduced himself to our cat Olive. She is a pretty tough girl and has stood up to many puppies. They all enjoyed sleeping by me while I worked.


They took turns playing outside and the boys slept in the downstairs dog room. The boys played on the deck, an area that was easily cleaned after they were done playing, and the girls played in the yard. After Cookie and Tootsie went to Friendship APL to get adopted, Alfie and Arlo got to play in the yard!

Causing a Little Trouble

Alfie and Arlo stayed down in our finished basement. I would lay by their pen until they fell asleep and then go upstairs and lay by the girls until they fell asleep. It was exhausting! One day I left the boys playing in the basement and found a mess when I went to check on them! Arlo was just hanging in the lazy boy, “What? I didn’t do it.” It made me laugh. They had fun with a roll of toilet paper. I appreciated their handiwork so I put the roll in the skeleton hand we have in our basement bathroom. It is meant for the Halloween party but we like it so it stays up year round.

Ready for Adoption

Arlo was timid when we first got him but by the end of the week he warmed up to me and loved to snuggle and look me in the eyes. When they warm up like that it is so hard to take them to the APL. ๐Ÿ™ But good news is they got adopted and went to their furever homes in just a couple days!

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