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2024 Wine and Chocolate Tour

His Majesty’s Bed and Breakfast Springhill Winery we started our 2024 wine and chocolate tour at the Spring Hill winery with our friends, Melissa and Jason and their friends, Heather and Doug. I tried the legacy white and the legacy white aged in rum barrels. Rob tried the legacy red […]

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Lisbon 2023

Tuesday, September 12th 2023 Arrived in Lisbon with an hour to kill before being able to get into our VRBO, so found the closest local bar – Queen’s Ale. OMG! I read about the hills in Lisbon, but OMG! Not sure I’m going to make 4 days here! After we […]

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Barcelona 2023

Friday, September 8th, 2023 Train from Paris Gare de Lyon to Barcelona-Sants Train Station Arrived in Barcelona via a 7-hour train ride. It was nice to relax, regroup and get our blog site a little updated (although the wifi on the train didn’t make that easy). Settled into the apartment […]

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Paris 2023

Monday, September 4 We took the Eurostar high-speed train from London to Paris. The train ride was smooth, but we arrived at rush hour in Paris, which caused a bit of a rough start. After figuring out 1) how to use the toilets 2) what tickets we needed and 3) […]

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London 2023

Finally! Off to Europe – we started planning this trip in 2019 before Covid! Wednesday, August 30, 2023 – Thursday, August 31 Cleveland to Newark to Lisbon to London Flights Thursday, August 31 Three Crowns Quick stop at a pub for dinner and a couple beers. I think there were […]