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Lisbon 2023

Lisbon, Portugal. Our fourth and final stop of our 2023 European Vacation. We stayed in the historic area with cobblestone streets and sidewalks and lots of hills! We saw lots of historic sites, sampled lots of delicious food and even enjoyed the beach!

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Barcelona 2023

We traveled from Paris to Barcelona, Spain via a 7-hour train ride. It was nice to relax, regroup and get our blog site a little updated.
Barcelona has some really amazing architecture. Their city blocks are all the same size and shape and are each a self-contained neighborhood.

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Paris 2023

We took the Eurostar high-speed train from London to Paris. The train ride was smooth, but we arrived at rush hour in Paris, which caused a bit of a rough start. A little bit of a fiasco with the apartment we were supposed to be staying in, but it all got straightened out.

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London 2023

Finally! Off to Europe – we started planning this trip in 2019 before Covid! A couple reschedules later, and we’re finally here. After a brief layover in Lisbon, our first stop is London.

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In 2011, we spent a week on Grand Bahama island at Taino Beach Resort. Beautiful weather all week long. Lots of rum, fun, and sun!
We were so bummed about leaving, we missed our connecting flight and ended up staying an extra day in Miami. Oops!