Koda and Zeus

Koda and Zeus were a Blue Heeler, Dachshund (?), Piranha mix. We try to make a best guess as to the breed but sometimes we don’t know the mama of the pups and almost never know the father. And, we found out mama dogs can get pregnant for up to two weeks and there can be multiple dads! They are definitely herding dogs! They kept trying to herd Lily. She does kind of look like a little white sheep!

Koda got what we think was ringworm. Koda, Zeus and Lily all had to be washed and dipped 3 times with a sulphur dip. No one was happy about it. Man did they stink after that! Rob kept teasing them that they smelled like farts! But Kodas skin issue cleared up so it was all worth it.

Cuddles & Cuteness

Koda and Zeus got a lot of cuddles! My daughter Dani was home and got to enjoy some puppy cuddles. Our granddaughter Eleanor came over and snuggled with the puppies which is good for them to be around children so we can put on their adoption information that they are good with children.

Koda is mean wrestler! Zeus is more of a cuddler.

Sit Pretty!

We wanted a cute pictures of the puppies in front of the Christmas tree. This took a LOT of retakes. They would sit pretty for a second and then start chewing on each other and wrestling! We would have to break it up and then had about 10 seconds to try to get a shot.

Sleepy Puppies

One thing we really enjoy is seeing the crazy puppy sleeping positions and locations. And of course, Rob and I got a lot of sleepy snuggle time.

The First Walk

Koda does not like to walk on a leash and hates wearing a collar!

Paperwork and Meds

We have had to learn a lot about puppy vaccines, deworming meds and feeding. Geauga Mamas has us fill out a form to keep track of meds, vaccines and dietary supplements such as probiotic.

Get Involved

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