Patience and Sleeping Puppy Pics!

Sleeping Puppies

I became obsessed with taking pictures of the sleeping puppies! Sleeping puppies are just so freaking cute!! Click on the pictures to see the full image!

We Have a Singer!

Our little buddy Timon decided to sing the blues!

Puppies Activity

I was able to capture some video of the puppies as they were just learning to play, walk and climb over each other and mama. The first time they started playing with little toys was just adorable!

Mama Patience

Patience was such a good mama. Always nursing her puppies. They were pretty rough on her while nursing! Poor mama!

Because Patience is was so thin, missing fur and nursing we fed her 5 times a day. A mixture of dried and canned puppy food, no salt added chicken broth and Dyne, a high calorie supplement for dogs.

Patience loved Rob. She followed him around and wanted to sit in his lap! She was a little big for a lap dog but her sad blue eyes made him agree to let her snuggle up with him in his lazy boy.

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