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Bangladesh ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ

Our Bangladesh Meal Last weeks Bangladesh meal was fish and leeks in Hot Mustard Sauce (Sorse Bata Diya Maach), Spinach Bhaji (Palong Shaak Bhaji), Panch Phoron Roasted Potatoes, and Vermicelli in Sweet Custard (Shemai Custard).  Rob liked the fish better than I did. We expected the Panch Phoron spice to […]

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Bruno and Bella

The first picture is the picture is what I was sent when I said I was ready to foster more puppies. The next phot is Bruno getting some hugs from our granddaughter Eleanor the rest of the are of them just hanging out being cute. Puppy Toy Project While we […]

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Charlie and Dexter

The first picture below is Charlie and Dexter on their way to our house. In the video, Dexter is trying figure out how to use the dog bed. ๐Ÿคฃ They were such cute puppies. We think they are a Hound/Beagle mix. They are goofy and clutzy and had the cutest […]

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Scout, Mollie and Colton

Scout, Mollie and Colton had Kennel Cough when they got them. Colton got really sick, which I talk about more below. Mollie was very fluffy, but skinny so she could squeeze through the bars in our omni-pen. So we had to wrap them with X-pens. She learned how to climb […]

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One Year Puppy Fosterversary

Today was our one year Foster-versary with Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups. We fostered 54 puppies our first year and had a lot of laughs, puppy snuggles and kisses and some heart wrenching moments. I wanted a way to give back and this is it. Fostering has changed our lives!