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Cinnamon, Llana and Pepper

When we got Cinnamon, Llana and Pepper they were hungry and scared. All puppies are hungry when we get them since a lot of times they are coming from Kentucky so they have been in the car from 9 AM until almost 4 with no food so they don’t get […]

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Cinder, Ebony and Ash

While driving home with Cinder, Ebony and Ash I received a text that they were sick and we needed to keep them in a confined area. After I got home we were advised that the litter may have been exposed to Parvo and not to let them in the yard. […]

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Peanut and Moose

We got Peanut and Moose the end of July in 2023. They were super sweet little puppies and super cute! They loved to snuggle. Fun Outdoors! We decided to take the puppies on floats in the pool! ๐ŸคฃWe were super careful that they didn’t fall in. They were very calm […]