Patience and Her Puppies

We got Patience and her eight puppies on May 13th, 2023, the day before Mother’s Day. She was part of a Geauga Mama Dogs And Pups rescue transport of 38 puppies, one adult dog and two cats. She was found with her puppies in a shed in Kentucky, very hungry. Patience had 10 puppies, 2 didnโ€™t make it. ๐Ÿ˜ฅShe is a 41 pound, sweet, 2 year old young lady with beautiful blue eyes who just wants love.

Patience and some of the other puppies who were part of the transport.

We have never fostered a mama dog and puppies before so I was super excited and a little nervous. Rob was hesitant but agreed because he could tell how much it meant to me. Below are pictures of Patience and her puppies that were taken in Kentucky where they were waiting for a foster. We had started to think of foster names but then saw from the pictures they were already named after characters in the Lion King movie. We love their names! There are six boys and two girls

At first we kept Patience away from our dog Lily because we thought she had some sort of mange. We found out the hair loss is from lack of nutrients while she was pregnant and nursing. Luckily our dog Lily gets along well with other dogs and is totally fine with Patience being in the house. Lily is getting used to lots of puppies coming and going. Olive, our cat, was not so sure. She walked in to the entry way next to the room where the puppies are, sniffed the air, turned up her nose and ran upstairs.

Some of the puppies already have personality. Mufasa, true to his name, is already picking on his brothers and sisters.

Patience is really thin and had fur loss from being pregnant and be malnourished. We are feeding her 5 times a day. A mixture of dried and canned puppy food, no salt added chicken broth and Dyne, a high calorie supplement for dogs.

Patience loves Rob and wants to follow him around and sit in his lap! She is a little big for a lap dog but her sad blue eyes made him agree to let her climb in to his lazy boy with him.

Before Patience and her puppies arrived I did the usual sanitizing, mopping and wiping everything down. Once everyone arrived we had to reconfigure their pen area twice. We started with a kiddie pool in the pen for the puppies and mama to use as a whelping box for Patience to lay in while she nursed.The puppies kept climbing over the side and falling out so that lasted about 5 minutes.

Before we got the puppies we zip tied what’s called xpen to our current pen because we knew the puppies were so small they could squeeze through the railings. We didn’t put the x-pen on the railings next to the walls because we thought it was not needed. We were wrong. The puppies were able to squeeze their head through the railings, even when next to the wall so we put x-pen all the way around.

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