Cinder, Ebony, and Ash

While driving home with Cinder, Ebony and Ash I received a text that they were sick and we needed to keep them in a confined area. After I got home we were advised that the litter may have been exposed to Parvo and not to let them in the yard.

The first day, the pups didn’t have much appetite and were lethargic. We kept them hydrated by syringing water in their mouths. Cinder and Ebony started playing around a bit and even ate a little, but Ash will still just laying around.

The next day Ash played on the deck with Cinder and Ebony – she has the red and green collar in the video. We were so excited she was up and was running around! We thought she was getting better but the next morning she was so sick we had to take her to Westpark Animal Hospital. They did everything they could but could not save her. Even though we only had her for a day, it was crushing. Two other littermates with other fosters also didn’t make it.

Now there is a shot that completely cures Parvo! I wish it was available when we had Ash but I am so thankful it is an option now!!


Ebony loved playing in the kiddie pool! Cinder was not so sure and would get annoyed with Ebony as he was splashing around having a great time. 🤣All the puppies love to play with cardboard like in the video below! Like little kids playing with the toy box! One day I forgot to pick up a roll of paper towel and Cinder and Ebony had a great time tearing it up. What a mess!

OH NO! Not Our Table!

While we had Cinder and Ebony, our deck table was lifted up by high winds and crashed down shattering in to pieces! It was a huge mess! We could not let the puppies in the yard because of they were getting over Parvo so the deck was the main place they played. It took a while to get all the glass picked up and out from between the deck boards. Then we power washed the deck to make sure there weren’t any more slivers of glass. Needless to say it was a really rough time for us with losing Ash and losing our deck table.

Ready for Adoption

We kept Cinder and Ebony until they were no longer contagious and then another Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups foster took over because we were going on vacation. Ash never got the chance to get her adoption picture and go to a furever home. It still breaks our hearts.

Gura Life TikTok!

Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups

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