Peanut and Moose

We got Peanut and Moose the end of July in 2023. They were super sweet little puppies and super cute! They loved to snuggle.

Fun Outdoors!

We decided to take the puppies on floats in the pool! 🤣We were super careful that they didn’t fall in. They were very calm and seemed to love it!

Brave Puppies!

Peanut and Moose were brave enough to take on our cat Olive. Most puppies don’t know what to do when they see our cat. It freaks them out! Olive is pretty tough and will stand her ground like she did with these two. It is good for puppies to have exposure to a cat since they may have a cat brother or sister when they go to their furever home.

Sleepy Time

Puppies always sleep in the craziest positions! It just cracks me up. Peanut decided to snuggle up with our dog Lily. Aunt Lily was OK with. She just does not like it when puppies want to play and get in her face.

Ready for Adoption

Peanut was adopted by a family that had another dog that looked just like her. We’ve received updates and Peanut (now Cassidy) is almost her sister’s size!

Gura Life TikTok!

Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups

Go to the Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups website to see puppies and mama dogs available for adoption, learn about our group, donate or volunteer to foster or transport.

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