Patience and Her Puppies – Ready for Adoption

Ready for Adoption

The puppies all get their pictures taken to get posted for adoption. Getting pictures of puppies is harder than you would think! They don’t sit still at all and I swear they avoid looking at the camera! The picture of Nala was taken while she was peeing but her pretty eyes showed up so well we decided to use it!

Mama Needed a Home Too

Mama dog was ready for adoption too. One of the other fosters in Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups said they would try her out at their farm to see if she could help herd the sheep and cows. She asked if Patience knew how to herd cows. We didn’t know! We decided to get all my stuffed cows lined up and see if she would herd them. She just stood there and looked at us like we were crazy. The neighbors think we are crazy too! 🤣

Just Nala, Mufasa and Mama

All the foster puppies went to other fosters except for Nala and Mufasa. Mufasa was having some stomach issues so we decided we should keep him to get it straightened out. He was feeling better within a couple days and was ready to go up for adoption. Rob was so in love with him and his pretty blue eyes! We almost foster failed (adopted one of our fosters).

Sleeping Puppies

The puppies were much bigger but still so freaking cute when sleeping. All the puppies picked on Nala and Simba the most so I would let them come in the kitchen with me as you can see in the picture of Nala in the donut bed with Simba on the floor next to her.
The bottom two pictures are of the puppies all sleeping together right before 6 of them went off to other foster homes. I cried. 😭Puppies adjust to being split up and going to other homes extremely well. They love being the center of attention, exploring new yards and play areas, and getting new toys to play with.


Nala was such a sweet and happy go lucky little girl. She would be prancing around the yard when one of her siblings would come flying and WHAM! Take her out!

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Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups

Go to the Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups website to see puppies and mama dogs available for adoption, learn about our group, donate or volunteer to foster or transport.

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