Mia, Tucker and Lacy

Mia, Tucker, Lacy are Black Lab/Great Pyrenees mix. They are playful, loveable puppies that will grow up to big and huggable! They are so fluffy! They loved to snuggle with us even though it made them warm.

Lacy’s right back paw has 5 toes and her left back paw has six toes. We learned this is a trait of Great Pyrenees. If the extra toes are not connect to the bone they will be removed so they don’t get caught.

Mia, Tucker and Lacy loved playing out in the cold. They would come in and eat and immediately want back out and didn’t want to come in. We finally put some beds on the desk so they could sleep out in the cool air. When they were inside, they would sleep on the fireplace hearth because the marble is cool and love to lay in front of a fan.

Play time with Ms.. Betsy!

Everyone gets a picture taken to post when they are ready for adoption. These three are so adorable. They were all adopted within two days.

When we picked up Mia, Tucker and Lacy we also helped transfer 10 puppies from Mansfield to One of a Kind Pet Rescue. This was our first time helping with a Geauga Mama Dog and Pup transport.

We got an update from Lucy’s (FKA Lacy) mama Tiffany  – “Thank you for doing such a wonderful job! We adopted Lacy (thanks to my son, now Lucy lol)”

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