A friend of mine said she was fostering puppies and I thought, “I like puppies! I want to foster!” So, I went on to the Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups Facebook page and applied to become a foster. I had NO IDEA what I was getting us into. On December 14th, 2022, Rob and I drove out to a barn in Geauga County which is the main pickup and drop-off point for GMDAP puppies. We picked up wet and dry dog food, vaccines, pee pads, and our very first foster. She was 4 months old and weighed 23 pounds.

This poor little girl was found in an abandoned mine in West Virginia – which is why we named her Clementine. She was a total sweetheart who loved to snuggle and play. She got along great with our dog Lily and was curious about our cat Olive but left her alone. She was good about going potty outside and did really well when taken out right when she got up from a nap or first thing in the morning. She loved getting a treat when she did a good job going outside! We were getting some work done on our deck during her stay and all the workers fell in love with her.

On December 18th we got two more puppies, Koda and Zeus!! Everyone got along great! More about Koda and Zeus in my next post. Clementine was a great big foster sister and loved to snuggle with the new little puppies.

On December 21st, 2022 we took Clementine to the Friendship APL in Elyria. It was so incredibly hard to say goodbye! We only had her for a week but we still grew very attached. I cried all the way home and on and off for a couple of days after. We hated not knowing where she would end up and prayed she would go to a good home. We were new to this but were told Friendship does a great job finding homes. It was still very hard! Clementine had an allergic reaction to something the day after she went to the Friendship. We don’t know if it was something she got into before she left or a mild reaction to a vaccine, but she was put on prednisone and had to wait to get fixed. Once she got fixed she went up for adoption on January 1st, 2023, and was adopted two days later! We miss sweet Miss Clementine.

We learned that fostering is about helping puppies adjust to being in homes, around people, children, and other pets. It is also about giving the puppies vaccines, deworming, and learning to let go. ๐Ÿ˜ข

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