Penny, Dewey and Buddy

We got Penny, Dewey and Buddy in July of 2023 and we only had them for a week and 2 days. Penny was named for the color of her coat, Dewey got his name because he had a double dew claw on his back paws, and Buddy was just a good little buddy. 🙂They loved running in the yard and playing in the kiddie pool. And, they were liked to help out with the dishes!!

Ready for Adoption

We took these three sweethearts to the Medina County SPCA. It’s hard to drop puppies off and not know where they end up, but it was for the best so they had the opportunity to meet lots of people and get adopted as quickly as possible.

Puppy Area Remodel

When we first started fostering puppies, my office – the main pen area – was carpeted so we covered it with linoleum and put the pen on top. This was a real pain because the linoleum would slip and buckle. We even tried screwing it down with strips of wood – nothing worked. We finally decided it was time to replace the carpet with a surface more suited for a puppy pen area. Rob’s office was also in need of new flooring, so we did the same in there.

We ripped out the carpet, cleaned the wood underneath, painted the wood with Kilz, covered it with plastic, and then put down tongue and groove vinyl flooring. We love how it turned out and it has made our life so much easier!

With every set of puppies we have to redo our puppy area. Either they are so small they fit through the rails so we have to put a second layer of pen, or the puppies chew up the linoleum so we have to buy new, or change the size of the pen area but this was our biggest change so far!

Gura Life TikTok!

Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups

Go to the Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups website to see puppies and mama dogs available for adoption, learn about our group, donate or volunteer to foster or transport.

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