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Our Andorran Meal

Monday night’s Gura Global Grub country was Andorra. The meal consisted of smoked trout (the meal called for grilled trout, but we had problems finding fresh trout locally), trinxat (basically a large potato pancake with cabbage and bacon), warm spinach and mushroom salad with slivered almonds and raisins, Pa amb Tomaquet (bread with tomato and garlic), and Brac de Gitano (a cream roll) for dessert.

We enjoyed the smoked trout – we had never tried smoked trout before. The cabbage on top of potatoes was an interesting combination. We probably would have liked it better if the potatoes were more crispy. We don’t fry in oil often so probably not as crispy as they should be. The bread was like a lightly seasoned garlic bread with tomatoes on top – delicious! Since I am not much of a baker, I was happy with how the cream roll turned out! Creamy in the middle, rolled in dough, and sprinkled with slivered almonds.

The last picture makes us laugh. I have been wanting a stand mixer for a long time and finally bought one using our global meals as an excuse. I ended up using my hand mixer for the cream roll filling and as I was leaning on my stand mixer, I said, “Look honey! I’m using my new stand mixer!”.

About Andorra

Andorra is a tiny country in southwestern Europe (it is the sixth smallest country in Europe, having about twice the population of our city of Strongsville), located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains and bordered by Spain and France. The people of Andorra are currently listed as having the highest human life expectancies on Earth, at 83.5 years.
Hearing that this tiny country was the sixth smallest country in Europe, we were curious what the other smaller countries were. We found out that the countries are Vatican City, Monaco, San Marino, Lichtenstein, and Malta.

Our Andorran Dream Vacation

We would visit Andorra’s historic capital, Andorra la Vella to see the Romanesque architecture, eat local cuisine, and check out the shops and museums. Andorra’s cuisine is a mix of Catalan, French, and Spanish influences. We would like to try trinxat, the a potato and cabbage dish we made, escudella, a meat and vegetable stew, and coca pastries that can be sweet or savory.

We would like to visit the Sant Julià de Lòria region to visit historic churches and hike the countryside and go to a thermal spa in the Escaldes-Engordany region. I’ve never been to a thermal spa and it sounds warm and relaxing. The Ordino region looks beautiful with traditional villages. The great thing about Andorra is it is small enough that it would take less than an hour to travel between all the places I mentioned above.

What about you?

Please post your comments below. We love hearing other’s experiences and thoughts!

Do you have a favorite meal, recipe or drink from Andorra?

Do you have a favorite place that serves food from Andorra?

Are you from Andorra or have you ever visited?

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Do you have a favorite meal, recipe or drink from Angola you recommend we try?


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