2024 Wine and Chocolate Tour

His Majesty’s Bed and Breakfast

Springhill Winery

we started our 2024 wine and chocolate tour at the Spring Hill winery with our friends, Melissa and Jason and their friends, Heather and Doug. I tried the legacy white and the legacy white aged in rum barrels. Rob tried the legacy red and the Merlot. My favorite was the legacy, white, aged, and Rome barrels. rob is boring he didn’t have a favorite. The wine samples were served with cocktail bread with a maple butter spread. It went well with the wine. Heather and Doug bought a bottle of the legacy red to share. We had a nice time.
Along with the wine sampler was a piece of cocktail bread with maple butter spread which went well with the wine.

Stable Winery

Stable Winery on the inside was like a cool log cabin. This time I tasted three whites in a red. A Chardonnay, the Riesling and I also got a bottle of the Chardonnay to share.

Emerine Estates Winery

Our third winery was Emerine Estates winery. We both tried the same samples, which was a dry white and a dry red. The red was named Seduction Pinot Noir and had strong flavors of coffee – I loved it! Rob was not a big fan. I ended up buying a bottle of Seduction and the Teardrop Chardonnay.

Melissa and Jason ordered a buffalo chicken pizza and sweet potato tots that were delicious. We all were ready for some food at this point.

Seduction Pinot Noir

Greenhouse grown in special formulated “SGP” (Soil Growth Pods) which give this Pinot Noir strong notes of Coffee, Mocha, Cherry, and Butter. Undertones of Vanilla and Chocolate round out this complex full bodied wine.

Tear Drop Chardonnay

Ohio Chardonnay with notes of Butter, Smoke, Pear and Citrus. Oak aged in 2013 American Medium Toasted Barrels for 12 months. Full bodied white with exceptional mouth feel.

Rosabella Winery


Winery at Springhill

We went back to the Winery at Springhill to see the fiddle player. He was really good and I had a good time dancing for a few minutes.

Day 2 – Sunday

Madison Township Park

We had a few extra minutes so we drove to the Madison Township Park and walked on the frozen beach for a few minutes. I felt bad for the seagulls and don’t understand how they don’t freeze to death!

Ferrante Winery

Rob and I grabbed some lunch at Ferrante before meeting Melissa and Jason there to resume the wine tour. I go the pecan encrusted chicken salad and Rob got the Pollo Carciofo (pretty much the same as Chicken Piccata)

Hundley Cellars

Silver Crest Cellars

I had the half-dry Riesling and the Chardonnay, Rob had the Dornfelder and the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Laurentia Vineyard & Winery

Laurentia was not on the tour, but it was right across the street from Silver Crest and Melissa and Jason wanted to stop there and grab some food. We split a bottle of Chardonnay and the brie they got looked delicious.

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